Bart Fish: Creative for Hire
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Element Three

Element Three

E3 Onboarding Kit

I collaborated with the team on the concept, message, the materials, design and illustration. I was responsible primarily for the memo pad illustration, box design, pencils and the key chain. Lots of great ideas came from the team, and things like the stickers, came from the talented Bob Ewing and Kevin Spahn.

These were some of the goals of the project:

  • Communicate E3’s ABESTCO values to new hires
  • Make new hires feel welcome and part of the team
  • Expedite the onboarding process – checklists to help guide new hires


E3 Team:

Darren Halbig – Creative Director
Bartholomew Fish – Art Director
Tom Aschauer – Copywriter
Bob Ewing – Designer/Illustrator


Karen Seketa – Vice President of Talent - Element Three


*This project won a local gold addy.