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Tesia Dental Clearinghouse


When Tesia, a dental clearinghouse, needed a new website that reflected their newly created redesigned brand, I was fortunate enough to be the design lead on the project. I was responsible for the art direction, illustration, and design of the new website

Background & Purpose: 

I have to admit that when I first kicked this project off, I had no idea what a dental clearinghouse was. Thankfully we had an intensive research phase at the beginning of the project with client and employee interviews and competitive research. Through that process, we determined that the audience for the new site would primarily be healthcare providers and payers (insurance companies). The site would be not be intended for a general audience that was not familiar with what clearinghouses do. It turns out that the dental clearinghouse industry is fairly niche and only represents approximately 9% of the entire healthcare clearinghouse market. Because of this, Tesia essentially knew every possible new customer they could gain so lead generation was not a priority for the new site. 

With this in mind, it was determined that the main goal of the new site, would be to update the brand's messaging, look and feel. The old site felt both out of date and disconnected from Tesia's parent company, Renaissance Electronic Services. The client wanted the new Tesia site to have more personality and playfulness, similar to the direction of their parent company.

While the logo and some of the brand elements were already in place (typography, color palette), we were able to develop the illustration style that would drive the look of the site as well the execution of the new brand assets. We leveraged svg illustrations along with some animation, to help tell Tesia's story and bring in some personality. In the end, the client was extremely satisfied with the result and has had numerous people in the industry give them rave reviews. 

Studio Science Team:

Bartholomew Fish – Senior Designer
Casey Gawthrop – Director of Research and Strategy